Practice in writing a diploma should be enough

So, you can not consider yourself a worthy representative of your profession unless you write your work yourself paper help. Approximately from the second year each student-philologist prepares written works . This and coursework, and essays, and reports. Practice in writing a diploma should be enough. Moreover, the student presents his scientific work to the members of the commission. This work should be first and foremost relevant, which is what you want to indicate in the presentation. In philology, it is also possible that the relevance will be indicated not by the issue or problem considered in the draft, but by the way to solve this problem.

All these conclusions give grounds to believe that all the written works that the student wrote throughout his studies can become a part of scientific work, or they can be assistants in the preparation. Also undoubtedly helps practice at State University. The fact is that the university may not help the student to find a place where he will practice, that is, the student has the opportunity to choose a company or firm independently. This nuance also helps in the fact that the student is preparing for an independent life after the university. It is very difficult for many to find a job, since they never had such experience, but the task of a State University student is to find on the 4 th year not just an ordinary company that will issue documents after the practice. He must choose really such an organization that will be able to teach him the basics of the profession.

Summing up

Studying as a philologist, a student at the State University should understand that for him this is a great prospect. Moreover, education in such a prestigious university makes it possible to work not only directly in the profession. The very existence of higher education of the State University opens many prospects. Of course, do not expect that with the formation of a philologist you will become an experienced lawyer. But getting a position that somehow applies to such a specialty is quite realistic. It can be associated with the processing of certain information, printed scientific publications, the study of historical manuscripts and many others.